It’s terrible Felice threatened to kill herself after the Encyclopedia Dramatica article was released about her. Now there’s one of Mila and is that a coincidence? Because Felice wouldn’t have the time to do that herself? What could a 16 year old do to be bullied to that extent?
But Felice is a jealous, vile and insecure individual. Mila had money, was younger and fairly impressionable and a positive person. Of course Felice hated her.
It all comes down to Mila’s success and Felice’s jaded view of aesthetics and her age probably. I feel so bad she can’t control her anger, she’s a very angry person. She chose to take it out on a 16 year old girl who actually admired her at one point.

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    That’s exactly what it is. Yep. Have you read anything on ED? No, probably not. Taking shit right out who’s ass right...
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    this is the stupidest thing ever. felice responded to the situation like any normal human being. it’s times like this...